GeoBIM Application and Technology Certification Programme

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What is this course about?

The GeoBIM Application and Technology Certification Program aims to demonstrate how the integration of GIS and BIM technologies – also known as GeoBIM – can be applied throughout the key stages of a building’s lifecycle: Design, construction, operations, and maintenance. 

Certified trainers from Esri Singapore and BIMAGE Consulting will take you through how GeoBIM supports and benefits the industry through real-life scenarios like as site selection, facilitating compliance with authority regulations, and emergency response.

By using the various components of the ArcGIS platform and BIM editors, you will integrate BIM models in GIS accurately and quickly, to produce GeoBIM models that can be analysed closely in a geospatial context.

Please note that this course is not eligible for Enterprise Agreement credit redemption.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework
Licensed architects attending this course will be qualified for 18 CPD points by SILA.
Professional Engineers (PE) attending this course will be qualified for 15 PDUs by PEB.

This course is for: Individuals and professionals responsible for creating building and infrastructure models to analyse their impact on the surroundings.

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3 days




Foundational Desktop Skills

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of GeoBIM and its application in the built environment
  • Develop an understanding of the integration of GIS and BIM technologies
  • Perform GeoBIM analysis to make better business decisions 
  • Gain understanding of mobile configurable technologies around a GeoBIM model

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    What is GeoBIM – GIS and BIM fundamentals

    • GIS and BIM stakeholders and users
    • Components of GIS and BIM
    • How BIM and GIS technologies complement each other
      • Data-rich BIM that enhances GIS data
      • IFC-CityGML integration
      • Geographic context and analysis of BIM models
    • GeoBIM benefits and productivity gain for stakeholders
    • How GeoBIM supports the building lifecycle: From design, build, operations, and maintenance
    • Integrated lifecycle of GeoBIM

    Applications of GeoBIM

    • Understand the current challenges, GeoBIM approach, benefits, and use cases in IoT, Digital Twins & Smart Cities/Infrastructure
    • Applications and benefits of GeoBIM in a project lifecycle
    • Application of local and international standards and regulations

    Building and Geo-analysis: A GeoBIM model for planning and design

    • Site and network accessibility analysis and selection
    • Design and development of conceptual model for planning permissions
    • Building a detailed model for building permissions
    • Shadow and solar analysis for thermal and lighting optimisation
    • Length and area measurements for regulation compliance
    • Line of sight analysis for optimised building views and space planning

    Mobile configurable dashboard and apps for operations and maintenance

    • Understand how dashboard mobile apps can enhance the value of GeoBIM technology
    • Workforce for ArcGIS for workforce management
    • Operations Dashboard to monitor key activities

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