Getting Started with the Python Scripting Language

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What is this course about?

This training course will teach you the underlying Python scripting language and will provide you with a solid foundation to writing Python scripts. On completing this course you will have the necessary background skills to undertake the relevant Python courses for ArcGIS Desktop.

It is envisaged that attendees will be GIS professionals who wish to have a solid understanding of the Python language who wish to write geoprocessing scripts within the ArcGIS environment.

  • GIS Analysts
  • GIS Technical Leads
  • GIS Professionals
  • GIS Desktop Application Developers
  • Application Developers

Course details


480.00 SGD




1 day




Development Course

Are there any prerequisites?

This course or equivalent experience is prerequisites to attend the following courses:

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Write Python scripts
  • Understand the Python scripting language
  • Be familiar with techniques for debugging code and fixing errors
  • Modularise code

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    The Basics of Python

    • Integrated Development Environments
    • Scripting syntax
    • Functions and Modules

    Debugging Your Code

    • Checking for syntax errors
    • Entering arguments into a script
    • Debugging techniques
    • Try – Except statements

    Working with Strings, Lists and Dictionaries

    • Common String functions
    • Reading and writing to text files
    • Common List functions
    • Investigating Dictionaries

    Key Python Modules

    • Working with file pathways
    • Creating random data
    • Working with Time
    • Getting Help for the modules

    Creating Custom Functions

    • Python Modules
    • Writing functions
    • Using Variables
    • Importing modules; Module security

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